The global workplace continues to evolve, and improving the employee experience has become a top concern for business leaders across the globe. As employee expectations grow and the digital workplace becomes more tangible, businesses need to radically change how they deliver benefits, equipment, services, and resources for seamless employee engagement with a robust HR service delivery improvement plan.

HR Service Delivery

What Is HR Service Delivery?

HR service delivery refers to the procedures, tools, and models that HR teams use to interact with and engage employees. The HR department is responsible for providing relevant information and services to an organization’s entire workforce, including onboarding, payroll processing, employee benefits, and many others.

Since a well-structured HR service delivery directly impacts employee experience and satisfaction, organizations must adopt the best-suited model and platform for seamless HR service delivery.

Limitations of the Traditional HR Service Delivery Model

The traditional HR service delivery model is less feasible in today’s modern and remote workforce. Outdated approaches such as HR email distribution lists, not-so-user-friendly intranet portals, and paper forms are not adequate or efficient for today’s modern workforce. In a traditional model, the HR team manages each employee request directly, leading to being overworked, strained, and consumed by repetitive tasks, persistent requests, and never-ending complexities. This can also be frustrating for employees.

Modernization of HR Service Delivery through ServiceNow HRSD

Modernization of HR Service Delivery is the need of the hour. Organizations must leverage robust HR service delivery platforms like ServiceNow that are focused on disrupting traditional HR models and outdated HR technology to meet the needs of present-day HR functions and the employees they serve. ServiceNow offers the right set of technology to improve employee experience.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery simplifies, automates, and standardizes a range of HR interactions on a centralized platform. It eliminates many of the repetitive manual HR processes by offering holistic HR services to its employees, thus improving employee service delivery. It enables HR to scale dynamically as the organization’s needs change and the complexity of their roles continues to increase.

Some key insights from the internal evaluation by ServiceNow on how their HR team benefitted by using ServiceNow HRSD:

  • 4,000 hours saved yearly by automating onboarding activities
  • 86% employee satisfaction rate during onboarding by leveraging ServiceNow HRSD onboarding
  • $325,000 saved each year in HR service delivery costs
  • Accelerated provisioning of IT resources for new hires by 94%

With the constant pressure on HR to have strategic value while addressing employees’ needs, future-proofing HR service delivery has become mandatory. Nous Infosystems is a ServiceNow consulting company and Premier partner that helps companies leverage the ServiceNow HRSD suite (along with other ServiceNow products – ITOM, ITSM, ITAM, etc.) to boost HR efficiency and impact the workplace environment.

Benefits of HR Service Delivery

The modern approach to HR service delivery enabled by the ServiceNow HRSD platform offers more comprehensive business benefits, including:

Technology to improve employee experience

HR service delivery impacts the employment experience and engagement. With a robust platform like ServiceNow HRSD, organizations can personalize the employee service experience and provide accurate, consistent information, leveraging technology to improve employee experience across the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, engagement, and retention.

Strategic contributions

ServiceNow HRSD unifies processes from various departments in a single platform to complete multiple tasks, giving the business a competitive advantage. It provides a centralized platform for getting answers, placing requests, and chatting with HR agents, creating a seamless service experience for employees and allowing the HR department to focus on strategic contributions to support organizational change.

Valuable insights

ServiceNow HRSD helps track and analyze data from every function to measure KPIs. Organizations can easily monitor employee behavior and interactions and derive analytics based on reporting. Valuable insights from metrics offer an enhanced perspective on employee issues and services, which can be used to improve internal operations through data-driven decision-making. Additionally, measuring KPIs allows the HR departments to estimate how effectively they meet their goals in delivering services to employees.

Scalable service delivery

As an organization changes and grows over time, the HR service delivery platform will need to adapt to remain reliable and consistent. ServiceNow HR service delivery offers a centralized system to ensure that service delivery can be scaled up and down quickly without incurring high costs. The platform uses automation and organizes workflows, making it more scalable than decentralized systems.


ServiceNow HRSD implementation, when done correctly, holds the potential to completely transform the employee experience and enhance HR productivity by automating repetitive processes, improving cross-functional workflows, and optimizing the entire employee service lifecycle.

Engage with a reliable ServiceNow Premier Partner like Nous Infosystems to leverage deep domain experience and thought leadership for your organization. Nous’ ServiceNow certified experts have experience across industries in deploying the HRSD tools to boost HR efficiency.

Sonaly Pradhan
Solutions Marketing - ServiceNow

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