Enrich travel and logistics operations with travel portal development and logistics technology solutions

Reduce operational costs and enrich travel experiences with reliable travel portal solutions. Leverage revolutionary online channels and mobile technology to offer travelers the ability to select and book from a wide range of options for hotel accommodations, flights, and tourist attractions across the world.


Equip logistics organizations in route and network planning, ramp operations, pick-up, packing, shipping, and carrier monitoring to achieve operational excellence. 

Supply Chain Management

Provide business excellence, manage critical processes, and improve inventory management & Stock Keeping Unit.

Logistics Analytics

Deliver actionable insights to help business gain complete visibility into critical operations and enhance collaboration with third-party partners.

Reverse Logistics

Synchronize business processes across the supply chain to maintain the consistency and help clients to recapture the value from unproductive assets.


Travel Portal Development & Maintenance

Effortlessly connect travel portals with multiple suppliers through Global Distribution System terminal and universal APIs to allow users to compare prices.


Aid seamless integration with third-party service providers and implement web services connected to the GDS to fetch information and leverage premium features.

Mobile Enablement

Develop top-notch travel mobile applications with responsive websites that render on all devices to provide enhanced user experience.

Why Nous?

mastery in travel and logistics
Skilled workforce
tailored solution
Logistic tech
Certified resources

Crafting efficient journeys for over 25 years. Solutions that optimize planning, shipping, and monitoring.

Certified experts blending industry insight and tech finesse. Elevate experiences and cut costs seamlessly.

Empowering businesses of all sizes. Custom accelerators, region-specific domain knowledge, and transformative tech.

Pioneering innovations in logistics tech. A hub for cutting-edge solutions, driving operational excellence.

Domain-certified resources, tech mastery, and region-specific expertise. Elevate logistics with data-driven process.


Case Study

Online travel booking portal development for a US-based travel company

Developed a one-stop online booking engine with a comprehensive destination-based search and journey builder.

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