Accelerating digital transformation with expertise-driven Intelligent Automation services

Intelligent Automation can significantly benefit businesses with higher efficiency, cost savings, and intelligent business processes. Intelligent Automation helps automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, allowing more time for value-added domain-specific work. With Intelligent Automation, organizations can address business process challenges and self-evolve to keep up with the disruption. 

Intelligent Automation goes beyond RPA by integrating AI technologies to enable smarter, more autonomous decision-making and task execution.

As one of the premier Intelligent Automation solution providers, Nous’ suite of product-agnostic Intelligent Automation services has enabled companies –from startups to enterprises, to automate highly repetitive, routine, and complex tasks. We help organizations accelerate business process transformation, enhance productivity, maximize ROI, and focus on higher-value work. 


Advisory services

Digital CoE with a team of Intelligent Automation experts

Process assessment and strategy roadmap

Architecture consultation and tools identification

Intelligent Automation feasibility analysis

Design automation

Intelligent Automation application development

Handling small to large implementations

Bots design, testing, and deployment

Custom framework and accelerator development

Customized Intelligent Automation solution

Bespoke Intelligent Automation bot development

Integration of Intelligent Automation with AI/ML

End-to-end delivery (on-premises and cloud)


Support services

Need-based support models

Intelligent Automation training using the train-the-trainers model

Development support and managing codes


Benefits of Intelligent Automation Implementation

25-50% cost savings

80-90% increase in process speed

35-50% increase in employee productivity

FTE optimization

Non-disruptive implementation and functioning

No additional infrastructure requirements

Intelligent Automation Lifecycle


Identification of routine and manual processes


Process analysis and detailed use-case development


Recording of click-level detailed steps


Bot building and testing using automation platform


Identification and documentation using standard operating procedures


Bot deployment, continuous review, and performance assessment


Maintenance, bot performance assessment continuation, and escalation handling

Industry Focus

Our Process


Educate key stakeholders on Intelligent Automation

Identify automation opportunities


Develop high-level Intelligent Automation business cases

Select the platform for automation


Design and develop bots

Comprehensively test and deploy bots


Monitor bots for performance

Establish Intelligent Automation CoE


Adopt continuous improvement approach

Refine and scale to Intelligent Automation

Why Nous?


Crafting intelligent processes that amplify productivity and redefine business operations.

Driving transformation through a blend of tech prowess and domain knowledge, delivering excellence.

Navigating automation intricacies, propelling businesses towards new heights of operational efficiency.

Infusing automation with local wisdom, reshaping processes for maximum impact in diverse markets.

Certified experts leveraging cutting-edge tools and custom solutions to revolutionize automation journeys.


Case Study

Automation of time-intensive, manual processes involved in check image processing

Leveraged RPA to help a commercial bank reduce the repetitive manual effort involved in analyzing check images by 80%.

Case Study

Eliminated manual intervention by automating invoice processing

Automated 250+ hours of monthly manual effort in invoice processing through intelligent automation for a leading commercial bank.

Case Study

Automated user onboarding to the Actimize application using RPA

Enabled a leading commercial bank to automate 300 hours of processes in onboarding users to the Actimize application.

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