IT Managed Services to keep your mission-critical IT at peak

The always-on business is fast becoming an industry standard, and ensuring high availability is critical to business success. However, keeping your business continuously available implies dedicating valuable time and resources to keeping your IT infrastructure up and running 24/7/365. 

Nous’ IT Infrastructure Managed Services offer end-to-end IT infrastructure operations service management, including monitoring, support, and consulting, to help you meet growing business demands. Combining the benefits of an in-house team with the expertise and efficacy of an outsourced service, we implement targeted and cost-effective solutions to ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure and its components. 

As a leading IT infrastructure managed services provider,  Nous ensures reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs by streamlining every process and providing optimal levels of efficiency across all systems. Our plug-and-play model, with resources, ticketing systems, monitoring tools, and communication capabilities, helps organizations to boost productivity at a reduced cost, minimize IT risks, and build future-ready IT infrastructure.


IT Application Managed Services

IT Application Managed Services

Application performance monitoring & support

System maintenance support

Process enhancement support

Service desk managed resourcing

Multi-cloud platform support

Integration support

ServiceNow Managed Services

ServiceNow Managed Services

ServiceNow implementation support

ServiceNow enhancement and bug fixes support

ServiceNow integration support

ServiceNow platform development support

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Infrastructure Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

Cloud managed services

Server management

Database management

Network operations

Storage area support

Unified communication support

MuleSoft Managed Services

MuleSoft Managed Services

Shared global support

Application and platform support

24×7 production support

Issue resolution



Why Nous?

driving excellence
tailored solutions
Technology leadership
amplifying operations

25+ years mastering managed services. Empowering businesses with robust solutions for uninterrupted growth.

Crafting custom accelerators and solutions. Enhancing efficiency, minimizing risks, and ensuring future-ready operations.

Partnering with businesses of all sizes. Leveraging region-specific domain knowledge to propel success.

Certified resources steering innovation. Center of Excellence for technology driving transformative setups.

Skilled workforce igniting success. Unveiling data insights, amplifying customer engagement, and streamlining efficiency.


Case Study

Technical assistance centre implementation for uninterrupted support

Leveraged a cloud-based approach to validate the app without additional infrastructure cost.

Case Study

Affiliate marketing support & transaction monitoring services

Leveraged a cloud-based approach to validate the app without additional infrastructure cost.

Case Study

Establishment of a 24/7 service desk to support daily queries from different stakeholders

Leveraged a cloud-based approach to validate the app without additional infrastructure cost.

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