Reimagine Cloud infrastructure through intelligent automation and centralized management

Valuable time, money, and resources spent on managing cloud-based IT processes can limit businesses from realizing the full potential of the cloud. Cloud automation enables IT teams to modify and manage resources on the cloud automatically, bringing down the manual efforts associated with managing cloud infrastructure. With cloud infrastructure automation, businesses can reduce errors and enhance productivity, which translates to lower operational costs. 

Nous’ Cloud Automation services enable you to identify and automate time-consuming manual processes, empowering your IT team to focus on high-value projects. We offer cloud automation services across all leading cloud platforms, with a specialized focus on ServiceNow to help customers centralize the management of their multi-cloud platforms.  

Nous’ cloud infrastructure solutions comprise innovative cloud automation solutions that offer the required expertise and specialized tools to help organizations reduce repetitive or manual cloud administrative tasks, allowing the technical teams to focus on more complex tasks. As your cloud solution partner, we will help accelerate cloud automation deployment to drive business productivity and innovation. 

Cloud Automation Capabilities


Support for failover and failback.


Usage data and analysis reports.


Meet and support compliance standards.


Auto-detect and correct security issues.


Customized dashboard for infrastructure monitoring.


Proactive provisioning and infrastructure updates.



Adhere to organizational policies and compliance standards.


Free up resource time for value-driven tasks.


Reduce costs by gaining cloud-usage visibility and automating manual tasks.


Improve security threats by automating threat detection.

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Elevate operations through tailored solutions and region-specific insights.

Effortlessly bring-in innovation with certified tech experts and domain specialists.

Craft success stories with customized accelerators, amplifying growth and efficiency.

Center of Excellence for cloud, channeling excellence into streamlined management.

Certified resources co-pilot your transformation, forging a path to optimized efficiency.



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