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Agile software development has become increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Organizations adopt agile consulting services to improve time-to-market, reduce cost and quickly adapt to changes in their business and IT needs. 

With extensive experience in agile methodologies, we offer a tailored approach to agile development with the right tools and methods. We collaborate with distinctive groups across locations to execute critical project functions, facilitating group correspondence, issue detection and tracking, project deliverables, continuous improvement, and efficient project management. We offer an exclusive environment for better collaboration, coordination, and communication, along with suitable Agile Development Solutions.

Agile Consulting Services

Transformation strategy and planning 

Agile readiness and maturity assessment 

Agile application development 

Agile training and coaching 

Tool assessment and process setup 

Why Nous?

expertise in agile
In-house developed
agile tools
customizes agile

A team of seasoned Agile coaches and experts with a track record of driving successful Agile adoptions across diverse industries.

Utilizing in-house developed framework and metrics to make informed adjustments for continuous enhancement.

Proficiency in a range of Agile tools and software, enabling seamless implementation, management, and testing of Agile workflows.

Release cycles planned and structured in a way that ensures flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements.

Tailored Agile methodologies to fit the unique needs of each client, ensuring a transformation that aligns with business goals.


Case Study

Healthcare portal development for a leading global health and wellness provider

Enabled the customer to significantly improve the ease of use of employee assistance services and enhance employee engagement.

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