Azure development services

Our focused, agile product development approach will help you develop, host and scale cloud-native applications to achieve your business goals. Our Azure development services cover the full span of product development – from conceptualization to deployment, enabling you to develop highly secure and scalable domain-specific applications at speed.

Azure Ways

Not just Visual Studio and coding – we assist your DevOps, IaC, CI/CD, monitoring, and APM requirements as well.

Sky is The Limit

With Azure, the sky is the limit. Starting with traditional web apps to 5th generation low-code platforms, we help you drive innovation with Azure.

Tool-assisted Accelerated Delivery

Everyone likes high-quality software developed at speed. But not everyone gets it right.

At Nous, we help you accelerate software development and delivery using our NGen delivery platform that automates most of the development process. We have implemented the platform for some of the most successful companies – including many Fortune 500 companies – across the financial services, healthcare, insurance, and banking domains.

AKS and Microservices

Kubernetes is the ideal container orchestration platform for organizations deploying cloud-native applications. At Nous, we help you accelerate legacy app innovation at lower risk using Azure Kubernetes Services. Our experts will help you easily define and build Kubernetes-orchestrated microservices, enabling you to scale your application infrastructure with confidence.

Kubernetes Readiness Adoption Assessment

Looking to jump on board with container adoption? We can help. With Nous’ Kubernetes Readiness Adoption Assessment, you can get comprehensive insights on where you are in your Kubernetes adoption journey and analyze your current IT estate to find out what your gaps are, what you need to prioritize right now, and why.

Azure Kubernetes Quickstart

We offer a robust 4-week Quickstart Program to help you get through the planning and POC stages of your container deployment strategy. Through this program, we help you identify candidate application(s), define a migration roadmap, and deploy your apps to AKS in just 4 weeks.

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